Ava Luna, Santah and Jared Bartman : Review

The night started off with Jared Bartman. This guy and his posse were so young looking, that their talent was seriously surprising. Complete with vocals and orchestral music, these dudes kicked off the evening well. Relatively new to the C-U area, the crowd was drawn by frontman Bartman’s powerful vocals. Inspired by Eastern European folk music, and similar to both Beirut and The Black Keys, Jared Bartman and the rest of his crew made a wonderful impression on the crowd that night.

The room really lit up for the next act, though. Brooklyn-based Ava Luna rocked The Canopy Club. Every single crowd member was undeniably converted to lifelong fandom. Their music was diverse, eccentric and unexpected. When frontman Carlos Hernandez timidly introduced the band, he seemed like a shy and quiet type. The second this six-piece ensemble started performing, however, any timidness disappeared. They were extremely powerful, plus with their killer three-part harmonies, the music was so catchy and ear-pleasing. While playing one of their biggest hits, “Clips,” the crowd went wild. Though it was clear many of the audience members were new to Ava Luna’s music, we were all eagerly tuned into their amazing music and killer energy.

When local favorites Santah started setting up, the audience was buzzing. The band is now headed to SXSW in Texas, and made a quick stop at home to grace The Canopy’s stage. They highlighted a bunch of their new music, giving everyone a preview for what’s bound to be an awesome sophomore album. When they started playing “Merry-Ann” and “No Other Women,” off their album White Noise Bed, everyone in the crowd chimed in. By the end of the night, everyone was chanting for an encore. The McConnell siblings graciously performed their simple, acoustic hit “Teeth.” Everyone in the crowd was glowing with excitement for this number.

All in all, The Canopy Club was the place to be on Thursday night. Filled with diverse musicians and amazing tunes, it was a seriously exciting and enjoyable time.

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