Baking Playlist

Many of us have been quarantined for about 50 days now, and this has inevitably led to lots of baking. Whether it be cookies, brownies or bread, everyone on social media is sharing their creations. My experience as a mediocre baker has taught me that one of the keys to a good baking session is a great playlist to inspire and motivate you because baking can be exhausting at times. This playlist has a perfect mix of upbeat and chill songs to both relax and energize you while you bake that banana bread. Enjoy the playlist, and go bake something yummy!

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Carolina, or Cari, is from the Northwest side of Chicago who enjoys all things British, especially music. Her favorite Beatle is John, but she also has a soft spot for Paul. If she's not at Espresso Royale making playlists, she's probably scoping out campus for the best gluten-free food.

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