Band of the Week: Tall Tale

1. Please list the names of all members of your band.
Tracey Morrison- piano, vocals
Tricia Scully – guitar, vocals
Justin Tanaka – guitar
Jeff Dachauer – bass
Jared Park – drums
2. Where did you get your band name?
We’re obviously a blue grass band.
3. When did you start performing together?
Tricia and I have been writing and performing together for 3 years. We recorded a full length CD the summer before we came to school here in Fall 2007. Since the CD sounded like we had a band, we decided to go out on quad day with a sign that asked people to join our band. Thus, we found Justin, Jeff, and Jared, and have been playing since that fateful quad day of 2007.
4. Who is your greatest musical influence?
All of us have different influences, so it’s hard to say who the greatest is. I think as a whole, we’ve been very influenced by the bands we’ve played with and became friends with around Champaign. The community feeling is so great to be a part of.
5. Describe your sound in 3 works or less.
Power Pop
6. Do you have any pre-show rituals or superstitions?
We just try to keep Jared from exploding. He gets very excited.
7. What is your favorite place to perform?
Canopy Club! It’s been so great to us this year. It feels like our home base.
8. What is your latest album called?
Our first full length is called “Pirate Ship” and it’s releasing May 3rd at the Canopy Club! We recorded it last summer and finally had the money (thanks, student loans) to package and duplicate them! We can’t wait to finally release it!
9. When is your next performance?
We’re performing Friday in Charleston and Sunday in Chicago. Next time we’re in Champaign is April 24th at Canopy Club for Indie Vs. Hip Hop. And of course, our CD release show is May 3rd at Canopy Club!!!
10. If you could perform with anyone in the history of music, who would it be?
Oh man, this is tough. Well, wouldn’t everyone like to meet the Beatles?
11. Do you have any pets?
Tricia has 2 cats. They pee on the drum cases a lot.
12. True or false: dogs are better than cats.
Depends on who you ask.
13. What is your favorite thing to eat as a band?
Free bread from the bakery Tricia works at!
13. If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
A bird.
14B. Why?
They can fly and sing.
14. What kind of car do you drive?
We have a band mini van. It’s a silver Honda. Tricia usually drives because she’s the mom.
15. What is your favorite joke?
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
16. What is your favorite western European nation?
Well Tricia’s a French major, so France. But she has to study there next year, so I guess it’s not a very nice place for the band.
17. What is your least favorite thing to do on vacation?
Vacation? I wish…
18. How often do you get your hair cut?
Not very often. But I sure give a good haircut! Seriously, just ask me.
19. What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
Tricia and I saw Coldplay 3 times in one year, two years ago. I spent all the money I had that summer on tickets, but it was so worth it. I think that first Coldplay concert was when I knew I really wanted to take music seriously.
21. Who are you voting for in 2008?
Man I should really register, huh?
22. Who did you vote for in 2004?
I wasn’t of age.
23. Does global warming exist?
Can polar bears swim?
24. What is one thing you do that’s good for the Earth?
Not enough.
24. Do you like cheese?
Well I like pizza.
25B. What kind?
Veggie pizza.
26. What is your favorite TV show?
27. What is your least favorite movie?
I fall asleep during most movies, good or bad.
28. What is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled?
We can’t wait to travel! Hopefully we’ll be able to answer that after we tour this summer.
29. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (in cubic feet)
I don’t believe he could.
30. What is your favorite kind of mammal?
30B. Why?
Why not?
31. If you could time travel, what would you go see?
My parents as children.
32. What’s better, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?
Street Fighter
33. Which Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle do you best identify with?
The rat
33B. Why?
I wish I was that wise.
34. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of music?
Take out student loans for band purposes.
35. Any advice for the public at large?
If you are true to yourself, you won’t have to make apologies.
36. If you could be a WWE Superstar, who would you be?
China Doll
37. What is one cool thing you think everyone should know about you?
Come to a show and talk to us! There’s plenty to know.
38. And another?
What should I know about you?
38. What is your favorite song to play live?
Songs we just wrote, because they’re scary when you play them for the first time.
39. Who would win in a fight, Optimus Prime or Dark Wing Duck?
What are they fighting about?
40. Boxers or briefs?
If they’re a pretty color, it doesn’t matter.
41. What is your favorite office supply?
42. Describe your audience in 3 words.
Friendly, fun, and fabulous
43. Who is the biggest underdog in movie history?
45. What is your favorite place to spend a Friday night?
A show..
46. What is your favorite horror film?
I just saw the Shining and it was great.
47. What is your favorite brand of shoes?
48. Would you rather have top half fish, bottom half woman or top half woman, bottom half fish?
Well, I don’t have much use for the bottom half, so I’d take the top half woman so we could talk.

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