Beady Eye break away from Oasis with new album, Different Gear, Still Speeding

Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher made their band Oasis one of the most successful modern bands in the UK. But a fight between the two brothers caused Noel to leave the group in August 2009. Liam refused to stop making music and renamed the band with the remaining members Beady Eye. So the new album Different Gears, Still Speeding is technically a debut album, but really the three members from Oasis have had plenty of experience creating music together.

So did the clash between Liam and Noel make its way on the album? Well, on the Oasis song “Stand by me,” the band calls for an unselfish relationship because of the futures uncertainty, “stand by me, nobody knows.” And in the final ending to this record is perhaps the most emotional song. “The Morning Son,” features a slow drum roll that ends in a thunderous build, followed by a scratchy guitar that responds and is bashing the chord by the end of the song. There’s almost a nostalgic feel the song because of the contrast to “Stand by Me,” after the split-up of the two brothers. In the final song Liam seems to think time will sort the problem out and sings “I stand alone, nobody knows.”

As for the sound of the album, obviously with three members from Oasis in Beady Eye, they follow a similar style. Listening to it, the record could be hard to tell when this album was made if someone did not know of the band before. They have strong roots to classic rock and hold a resemblance to the Beatles because of the light guitar riffs and the way Liam creates his vocal melodies. Even during the Oasis days, Liam sang a Neil Young and The Who song. On the song “Bring the Light,” Beady Eye has a high paced piano driving the song, with claps to go along with a popular classic drum beat. The drummer hits the snare twice and then once throughout the song, and the claps add a warm feeling to the songs. A harmonica and tambourine is also used frequently used as well as the piano, displaying Liam’s talent as a well-rounded musician. Don’t sleep on this band, Liam and the rest of the crew are convinced they won’t stop. “I’ll stand the test of time, like Beatles and Stones,” Liam reiterates on the track “Beatles and Stones.”

LISTEN: “Bring the Light”

WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P-1/2
Key Tracks: Notable Tracks: “Bring the Light,” Beatles and Stones,” and “The Roller”.
Recommended if you like: Oasis, The Vaccines and The La’s.

W = Poor
W-P = Fair
W-P-G = Great
W-P-G-U = An instant classic!

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