Beginner’s Jazz Playlist

Jazz is one of the oldest genres of modern music and had a long-lasting impact on music through the 20th century and so far into the 21st century, yet many find it hard to get into. Hopefully this collection of, what I consider to be, classic jazz tunes can help give you a taste of what the genre really consists of. From the funky synths of Herbie Hancock to the more improvisational melodies Thelonious Monk there should be something in here for everyone. Hopefully while listening you realize how pervasive jazz still is in modern music and how it has found a way to seep into every genre. Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, all have huge jazz influences in their music and if you can appreciate the elements that make their music so great then I’m sure you could get into jazz as well.

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Your favorite Minnesotan. You can find Charles meticulously cleaning his records or eating Takis on the couch. Many said his career in music ended after middle school band, but he's here to defy expectations by proving it didn't end with the tenor saxophone. Charles is an avid listener of Kanye West, Mac DeMarco, Parquet Courts and many others. Hopefully he can help you find your new favorite tunes.

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