Best of Bandcamp Playlist

Coronavirus has altered the lives of most everyone in catastrophic ways. Isolation is currently the main mode of living, with social gatherings made nearly impossible as a result. Concerts are no longer a viable source of income for musicians, cutting out a huge avenue of revenue as a result. Many artists, face financial instability as it is currently unknown when life will return to some semblance of normalcy. To help alleviate the insurmountable monetary pressures challenging artists, Bandcamp has decided to temporarily suspend their income via sales of music on their site until March 31st. This means that when you buy music on Bandcamp, 100% of that money will go to directly support the artists you love. I’ve pulled together a sampler pack of over 100 musicians who call Bandcamp their home. If any artist on this list intrigues you, please go to Bandcamp and support their work while this effort lasts!

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Ryan is a geology major hailing from the exotic city of Berwyn, IL. Armed with a serious love of the loud and lo-fi, as well as having nothing to lose, Ryan attends basement shows every weekend. When the week rolls around, you can always find Ryan listening to a new album a day on his Spotify.

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