Best Place To Sing Karaoke

I’ll never remember my first karaoke night at the White Horse Inn, and that’s the way it was meant to be. Maybe it was the pitchers of rum and coke that were slightly watery but all too affordable to pass up or the $2 “Jagerbombs” that were more like Bonsai shots with a splash of Jager than a bomb. Of course, the spirits might explain why so few people remember what song they sang or how much they spent, but what kept us returning every week?
The clear answer is Jack, the Outlaw DJ. What helped White Horse karaoke was the low-key atmosphere, the cheap drinks, and the mixing of college kids with regulars; what made the night was Jack. As Jack sat there, sipping his personal bottle of tequila and laughing with the variety of personalities that infiltrate the pub, you had the distinct sense that you were with friends. Wednesdays at “The Ho” you were always at home, truly able to sing freely. Maybe this explains how the White Horse Inn can win Best Karaoke Bar despite the fact it closed months ago (I can’t say why, but as a former employee, I can only imagine.)

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