Best Radio Station

Houston, we have a winner.
With catchy slogans like “Twenty-Five Years and Still Rockin’(1992),” ”No Rules Radio (2004),” and let’s not forget, “The Radio Station” in 1974, WPGU is notorious for grabbing, maintaining and entertaining the attention of its listeners. It comes as no surprise to us that WPGU (107.1) has been voted best radio station in CU.
“We try to give [listeners] the best music and best DJ personalities that we can,” says Becky Brothman, WPGU’s Program Director.
Brothman says that whether you’re the person that listens to WPGU on your way to work, on the way to class or while you’re at home doing the dishes, WPGU appreciates every one of its listeners.
Upon being informed that WPGU won “Best Radio Station” in CU, Jon Hansen, WPGU’s Operations Manager, was speechless. But, he did throw his hands up in the air and produce a smile that showed several teeth.
With a variety of vibrant, charismatic, one-of-a-kind DJ’s and unique specialty shows, WGPU has something for everyone. Tune into WPGU now (or make funny faces at them when you pass by the Illini Media Builiding on Green Street) to show some love for your favorite station.
Visit to see program schedules, a profile of the current DJ, what songs he/she is spinnin’ and to find out anything else you ever wanted to know about WPGU.
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