Best Rock, Best Folk/Americana, Best Heavy/Punk

Best Rock Artist

Web site:
Listen to: “More Recorder”
Web site:
Listen to: “Cherry Tulips”
Web site:
Listen to: “Dance For Me”
(Also an Album of the Year Nominee)
buzz: If you could have any three items to make your summer worthwhile, what would they be and how would you use them?
Shipwreck: A rabbi, a priest and a donkey…bar hopping.
Web site:,
Listen to: “Devils”
The Living Blue
buzz: What does your band taste like?
The Living Blue: Blood, sweat and tears muthafucka! Sounds tasty,
don’t it?
Web site:
Listen to: “Numb”

Best Folk/Americana Artist

Angie Heaton & The Gentle Tamers
(Also an Album of the Year Nominee)
buzz: What is your musical guilty pleasure?
Angie Heaton: Disco … I love to have dance parties at my house with my cat. We dance to ’70s disco!
Web site:
Listen to: “Rollerskate”
buzz: If you could be any duo (real/fictitious), which would it be?
Casados: We’ll go with Lady and the Tramp.
Web site:
Listen to: “Unraveling”
Corn Desert Ramblers
Web site:
Listen to: “Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms”
Prairie Dogs
buzz: Would you rather be stuck in a Champaign cornfield or on a deserted island?
Prairie Dogs: The former has been nice for 12 years, but the latter is tempting; we might get better gigs!
Web site:
Listen to: “Rocky Top”
Tractor Kings
Web site:
Listen to: “Crooked Miles”

Best Heavy/Punk Artist

Alleyway Sex
buzz: What former U.S. president do you think would enjoy your music the most?
Alleyway Sex: To be honest, I think any president or politician could benefit from our lyrics, not to mention our stance on capitalism, racism, sexism, police brutality and a woman’s right to choose. That being said, I’m sure all nine of us would be absolutely horrified and cringe at the thought of any politician actually enjoying our music. We make our music for ourselves and we enjoy the music we make — that’s all that really matters to us.
Web site:
Listen to: “Shit a Brick”
Roberta Sparrow
Web site:
Listen to: “Take My Last Breath”
buzz: Your name resembles a disease that sailors used to get, scurvy. If you could cure one disease with your music, which would it be?
Scurvine: Chlamydia. That scraping metal device they use to test for it … ouch!
Web site:
Listen to: “Rodeosmiles”
Terminus Victor
buzz: If you had to choose a favorite species of dinosaur, which would it be?
Terminus Victor: The Rolling Stones
Web site:
Listen to: “A Scream in the Park”
XXX Smut
Web site:
Listen to: “No Turning Back”

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