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Whenever you pass by someone’s laptop with the image of the girl from “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” up, you know they are getting stuff done. This is a reliable playlist. For the past couple years, this has been my go-to study music. However, I have recently started to branch out (and not just because lofi beats was my top genre according to my Spotify Wrapped). How dare I? This playlist is sacred. I will admit that I do occasionally go back and listen to it, but I have found some others that still result in productive outcomes. 

“Best Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection スタジオジブリ宮崎駿リラクシングピアノ音楽” (link – in case the hyperlink doesn’t work: )

The only Studio Ghibli movie I have seen is Spirited Away, but I am not here to write a movie review. I stumbled across this playlist once and gave it a try. I was really impressed and accomplished a lot of tasks. From there, I tried out other Studio Ghibli playlists. I kept coming back to this one though. Some other playlists had mixes of the movie scores with cafe noises. That was not for me; I just wanted some nice piano. This playlist is so soothing, and the order of the songs feels right. It is played best while you are stressing out because of the serene nature of the music and the comment section which offers words of comfort. This is a gem.

“Irish Instrumental (Calm)” (link )

If you could not tell by my last name, I am Irish. I am a bit biased when it comes to that music, but this is a nice, relaxing playlist. I have never been to the land of my grandparents, and this playlist offers me the ability to slightly daydream about frolicking while also demolishing humanities-based texts. There is a solid array of instruments, which is perfect to shake things up but still maintain the right ambiance for studying. Certain songs may not be suitable for studying depending on your preference, but overall, it has that same calming effect as the other two playlists.

“Rain On Window with Thunder Sounds – Rain in Forest at Night – 10 Hours” (link )

Sometimes, you miss the sound of rain. This is one of the better rain playlists, if you would consider this video to be a playlist, I have come across. Everything about this sounds genuine and homey. The interjections of thunder are appropriate and occur at a reasonable pace. All of these playlists put me in a better mood, but this one is a bit different because it hits the soul. I would recommend this one if you need some slight interruptions in your study session. I hope that you are not spending ten hours studying.

“lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” (link )

What were you expecting?

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