Better off Gone playlist

Sometimes you have to let the people dragging you down go.  Bittersweet, but always for the best, moving on from a friend has a sting unlike anything else.  My “Better Off Gone” playlist hopes to capture the hurt and triumph while going through the stages of mourning a friendship.  With a mix ranging from The Dip’s “Sure Don’t Miss You” to Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” to Logan Mize’s “Better Off Gone,” this playlist will hold your hand until you feel better being on your own, like the independent person you always have been.  

About Abby Weber

Abby is just a short girl from Chicago majoring in Integrative Biology. If you ever want to find her just look for the coolest bright yellow Crocs on all of campus or start playing a Maggie Rogers song and she’ll come running. Her favorite Candyland character is Queen Frostine and her favorite pasta is bowtie.

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