Black rebel motorcycle club

Excited to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when they play at the Canopy Club on the first? Good, because they are excited to see you too.
Touring through the Midwest can get pretty boring due to the large stretches of nothingness that occur between venues, but it’s the actual shows that have BRMC eager about touring in America’s Heartland.
“Shows are more fun in the Midwest. You get less of the jaded city folk who have seen it all before,” said Robert Levon Been, a member of BRMC. “It is usually people who genuinely love music and need it.”
This still leaves monotony between the shows, which Been says the band fills with hours of playing cards, playing guitar and taking walks.
“Everyone usually goes out and walks. You see how long you can walk, then turn back, and then we usually play a lot of cards,” Been said.
It’s been a while since BRMC has visited Champaign. The last time was in support of their first record B.R.M.C., which came out in 2001, but the band remembers it as an extremely eventful night.
“We would like to get through a whole show in Champaign,” said Been. “The last time we were there the PA caught on fire. I guess it was one of those real rock n’ roll moments.”

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