Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Launches Chigliak

Back in 2010,  talk of Justin Vernon launching his record label was released in Pitchfork.  During the interview, Vernon said, “I’m actually starting an imprint at Jagjaguwar called Chigliak, and Amateur Love is going to be the first record I put out.” Jagjaguwar was the label that released Bon Iver back in 2011. First to be released is It’s All Aquatic by Amateur Love, which will be reissued and released on the label, followed by Sarah Siskind (Tourmate of Bon Iver back in 2008/2009) and 12 Rods. Vernon wants, “totally unsigned shit that never went anywhere, but is incredible.” His goal is to get people to “send in records of their local heroes.”

Personally, I think that it’s a brilliant idea on Vernon’s part. He’s an independent artist who has had major success on small labels and wants to give back by creating his own label so talented artists, who are struggling to make it, have the chance to be heard.

Which brings us to: local heroes in the CU area that are unsigned yet are totally incredible?



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