Boneyard Jazz Quintet

On a typical Saturday night, the men of Boneyard Jazz Quintet can be found “jazzing” up Urbana’s Embassy Bar & Grill or Iron Post. A band of old friends sharing the beats of the jazz greats with the CU community, Boneyard Jazz Quintet proves that “it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.”
buzz: Considering all of the venues BJQ has performed at, which one has left the greatest impression on the band?
Boneyard Jazz Quintet (BJQ): The Urbana Free Library where we have a great, quiet and attentive audience and a good piano.
buzz: Why “Boneyard” Jazz Quintet? What’s so special about Boneyard Creek?
BJQ: BJQ was formed by Mike Gabriel and Morgan Powell in 1990. Both Mike and Morgan are trombone players — “bone” players if you will — hence the name “Boneyard,” but of course we were aware of the creek and thought that people might associate us with the creek’s name, and that’s fine.
buzz: How would you appraise the local jazz scene in the CU area?
BJQ: Excellent. I have friends playing jazz in New York, Chicago, Dallas and other “hot spots” and they all marvel, as we here do, at the jazz tradition in Champaign and Urbana, a tradition that goes back to the 1960s University of Illinois jazz bands led by John Gravey. The tradition continues with new venues, a new jazz program at the University, and the wonderful old and new knowledgeable and faithful jazz fans.
buzz: How would you describe BJQ’s unique group dynamic?
BJQ: The group dynamic is a very important component to making our music. We are calm, steady, serious and have a lot of fun.

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