Bryce Vine: Carnival

Carnival is Bryce Vine’s debut album which was released late July. This is a great album if you’re looking for some summer feel-good vibes. Although some themes throughout the album seem to be repetitive, there are still some standout songs which make this album worth a listen. 

The feel-good song “Classic and Perfect” sets the mood of the album. Like many of the songs on this album, Bryce is singing to a love interest. He sings about spending time with this women swimming, drinking champagne and partying. The themes in this song are light-hearted, fun and talk about love and summertime which are also seen in other songs such as “La La Land” and “Love is a Blessing.”

This album includes the musical masterpiece “Drew Barrymore.” I have known this song for a long time and I am definitely biased towards it, but I truly think it is a fantastic song. The themes in this song follow many of the themes in the rest of this album. However, this song is a great ode to how it feels to be in love with someone for who they truly are. There’s a lot of raw expression in it and Bryce really makes you understand what he is feeling towards his love interest. I think that it is overall such a feel-good song and it has a unique sound from the rest of the album which really sets it apart. 

Another song that stuck out to me was “Love Me Hate Me.” Most of the songs on this album are very happy-go-lucky but this is more of a breakup ballot. It’s a really nice way to mix up the album halfway through. This song does a great job of depicting the emotions and actions that someone feels and does after a breakup. Additionally, this song does a beautiful job of describing the unnatural feeling of hating someone that you once loved. It just hurts so good. 

Despite some repetitive themes throughout this album, I still find it to be overall extremely enjoyable. There’s no doubt that this album is pleasant and easy to listen to. I suggest listening to it laying on the quad while you’re trying to soak in those last few rays of the summer sun. I look forward to hearing what else Bryce Vine has in store for us. 

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