Capital Cities shows alt-pop promise with debut EP


It’s always great to see new artists blasting onto the alternative scene, so when I heard “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities I was immediately intrigued and picked up the EP.

The EP starts off with a bang with “Safe and Sound.” It is pretty much everything I could want from an electro-alternative fusion band. The beat leaves you nodding your head and the horn part just permeates your brain. I was whistling this song for the following 3 days after first listening to it. The lyrics are simple, catchy and actually pretty clever. The song is fun and extremely danceable.

The band, after starting at such a high point, falls flat on the next few songs. The songs are a lot slower. The lyrics are cheesy and unimaginative. The songs sound very amateur, with production that tries to hit the same nerves as “Safe and Sound” but falls quite short. The song “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo” reminds me of the humorous mock European dance band, Euromotion.

I had just about given up on the EP, but the band really brings it back with their last few songs. The funk feel of “Center Stage” is catchy and enjoyable. While the electronic elements of “Love Away” make the song seem almost Black Eyed Peas like at times, I really enjoyed the groove of the song.

Overall, I’d say that the band’s debut shows a lot of promise. They have some hiccups to work out. The EP never comes close to matching the awesomeness that is “Safe and Sound.” That said, if this band can learn to replicate songs like this, the band could easily rise to be mentioned as a comparable contemporary of other great electro-alternative acts like Passion Pit or MGMT. I definitely suggest you give this EP a listen.


RIYL: Passion Pit, MGMT

Key Tracks: “Safe and Sound”

Listen to “Safe and Sound” below:

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