COIN: Green Blue + Indigo Violet

On March 12th, COIN (a pop rock trio from Nashville) released their latest EP, titled Green Blue + Indigo Violet. The project consists of 8 tracks, one of which features folk singer Faye Webster. I had high expectations for this EP, as COIN never disappoints. I’ve enjoyed all of their previous work, so I knew this project would be no exception.

After just one listen, I could tell that this was an EP that I’ll be listening to for a while. I believe COIN really showed their musical versatility throughout, but the EP overall still felt like a cohesive work. The track order is great: it starts off with more mellow, slow songs. It picks up in the middle, and then slows down again. The EP ends with its most upbeat track, “I Feel Alive?”, which I think was a really cool choice. You get to experience all the highs and lows of the songs and end your listening experience on the highest note. 

Another highlight of this EP is the more vulnerable moments in the slower songs, especially the track “Earth To God”. It sits right in the middle of the tracklist and is definitely one of my favorite songs on the EP. The lyrics are extremely personal and are accompanied by instrumentals that are complex enough to keep the listener interested, but the instrumentals don’t overpower the lyrics. It’s a great song, and if you choose to listen to any song off this record, I wholeheartedly recommend “Earth To God”.

The second track, “Sagittarius Superstar”, is probably my other favorite off this EP. This is the one that features Faye Webster, who’s one of my favorite singers. Her sweet, nostalgic vocals truly take this song to the next level.

Overall, this was a great EP from COIN: a great blend of upbeat songs to dance to and sad songs to cry to, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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