Cold Rainy Playlist

Some days it’s too much to get out of bed, and face the day. Some days all you want to do is lay down and think over all your mistakes, and missed opportunities. Sometimes the rain comes and comes and shows no sign of letting up. On days such as these reflective somber music rich in introspective lyrics alleviate the rainy-day blues. The following songs were lovingly selected on a cold rainy day. “Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon”, “If I Ever Was a Child”, “Pacing the Cage”, and “Not Dark Yet” throughout are emulative of reflection, and put listeners right into the songwriters’ frame of mind. Oldies like “I Remember Clifford”, “Lillette”, and “I’ll Never Smile Again” make a listener feel as though they are walking through a noir film. One magical attribute of music is how it can carry listeners through emotions, and help us healthily work through life.

About Harrison Lindholm

Harrison Lindholm is a Junior at U of I. He is from Lake Forest, Illinois. Aside from listening to music, and finding new artists, he enjoys fishing, camping, and trying to play guitar.

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