Colin Meloy Sings Live!

Our beloved Colin Meloy, songwriter and frontman of the Decemberists, released his first Live! album, obviously titled Colin Meloy Sings Live!. No upbeat pop accordion or Hammond Organ—it’s just him and a guitar singing all of those historically accurate tales.
The album, released on Kill Rock Stars label, is a collection of live performances recorded throughout 2006 . There’s plenty of Meloy’s self—conscious banter and a satisfying amount of stripped down Decemberists songs like my personal favorites, “Red Right Ankle” and “Here I Dreamt I was an Arichitect.” There are even a few partial covers, including Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and a short—lived snippet of the Smiths. “Barbara Allen,” in the style of his Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins EP, is less memorable. He also throws in a song from Tarkio, his former alt—country band. The highlight of the album is his crowd—hushing, misty—eyed rendition of “On the Bus Mall.”
No matter what Colin does, devout Decemberists fans will welcome it with open arms. Even “Dracula’s Daughter,” what he claims is the worst song he ever wrote, proves charming. With a little patience, this Live! album could be enjoyable for all. Meloy’s sing—along inducing performances are perfect for enjoying a corn cob pipe, a candlelit bath or a rainy April day. I don’t know where these recordings have been for two years, but I am glad someone decided to package it and sell it for $14.98. Whoever you are, thank you. And thank you Colin.

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