Colour Revolt comes to Champaign

Colour Revolt may have relatively simple goals, but don’t call them a simple band. Described by guitarist and lead vocalist Jesse Coppenbarger as “three guitars, bass and drums,” the band avoids frilly examinations of their sound by sticking to the basics. “We play what we play. It’s hard to put dimensions on the band other than stating what instruments we play,” Coppenbarger said.
Displaying modesty and the airs of a southern charm, the men of Colour Revolt are passionate, dedicated and every other synonym for “hard-working.” This is a band that toured through most of their higher education, including the collective successful graduation of the band members from the University of Mississippi in Oxford. “There were times when we would play a few shows, return for final exams and papers and head right back out on the road again,” Coppenbarger said.
Coppenbarger is one to believe that much of not only their sound, but also the general demeanor of the band has come from their southern upbringing. “[The South] is a strange, strange place. You see all kinds of people down there and the interaction of such differing cultures can really play a part in your attitude,” he said.
Not to say that the area hasn’t been particularly kind to the band. Recently signed to local Mississippi and predominantly blues label Fat Possum, Colour Revolt released their debut full-length album Plunder, Beg and Curse on April 1. “It was our goal to make the CD as live as possible. We tracked all the songs live and really just wanted something that would let people know what they would hear if they came out to our show,” Coppenbarger said.
Behind the intricate work of three guitar parts and lead singer Coppenbarger’s powerful vocals, Colour Revolt puts on a live show sure to impress. “We know gas is expensive and people have bills to pay, but we promise a good time for those who come out,” he said.
Paying a visit to Champaign tonight, Colour Revolt brings their aggressive brand of indie rock to the Highdive with openers Javelins.

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