Common Loon dazzle at Canopy Club

Common Loon took the stage in what is now a home away from home, the Canopy Club. The show itself had a very intimate feel with a crowd that was as laid back as the band was with their trippy, many times moody rock. Not discrediting the energy that Rob Hirschfeld (guitarist/vocalist) and Matt Campbell (drummer/vocalist) brought. Right with the opening song “Mexico”, Hirschfeld channels his inner Jim Morrison, breaking off into a poem with the theme of the end of times, that the band touches in the rest of their set.
A slowed down cover of the Ramones classic “Sheena is a Punk Rocker,” really showed how engaging and refreshing the duo was. It was here, mid show, that the show really picked up and got some members in the crowd to break out and dance.
The closing song, “A Moment in Energy Transfers,” was definitely the highlight of the night. Hirschfeld and Campbell go all in showing first, their mellow side with rich and full guitar riffs and peaking with powerful crash drums, all while backing tracks set the tone as they did throughout the set.
Other than a technical difficulty with one of the guitars midway through the show and some rowdy crowd members, the show was a success. Common Loon put on one hell of a show, starting slow and getting a feel for the crowd, then gaining confidence and showing some real energy misdway and through the rest of their set. That Ramone cover was a pleasant surprise and the Madonna t-shirt that Hirschfeld donned was a great touch to the night.

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