Consider yourself lucky

Whether it’s on Wikipedia or in black letters above Canopy Club, Lucky Boys Confusion has become almost unavoidable to the CU music scene.
“We’ve been coming down for so many years,” said Stubhy Pandav, front man of Lucky Boys about performing in CU. “We’ve been treated well and have a good time.”
With the boys making an appearance on campus usually once a semester, they’ve developed a strong fan base in the area. They love the college town setting and have established a good relationship with the people at Canopy, Pandav explained.
“It’s all about playing to the fan base that we already have,” Pandav said. “We’re not trying to grow or write any more songs.”
The Chicago suburbs-based group has attracted crowds to local venues with songs that will inevitably stick in your head for days. From their addicting hooks to the insightful and almost freeing lyrics, it’s no surprise the band is still together, performing and still drawing a crowd.
Over the past 11 years, the same members have released 6 full-length albums, had their music video shown on a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie and appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.
Although the kind of concerts that Pandav attends himself don’t exactly parallel the type of performance he gives on stage, their stage show is still one that radiates fun.
“I think you can honestly tell that we’re having fun, or at least like being up there with each other,” Pandav said.
Lucky Boys Confusion will perform at the Canopy Club on Friday, October 17 with Missing The Point, The Young Sea, The High Life and The Run Around. Tickets are 12 dollars in advance.
If you like what you hear from Lucky Boys, you might be interested in checking out Pandav’s side project, The Insecurities, who will be performing November 8 at Cowboy Monkey.

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