Country Songs for People that Hate Country Songs Playlist

This weekend, I attended a wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. And, as expected, I was surrounded by one of the most divisive genres of music- country. I’ve never been the biggest country music fan, but I decided to listen anyways; and honestly, I liked a lot of it. There seems to be a movement happening in Nashville right now, and amongst country music in general. Yes, there’s the stereotypical, CMT-style country music. But there’s something more too- genres like alt-country, southern rock, and Americana are quite literally changing the face of country music. These styles of music expand upon classic country by borrowing from genres like folk, bluegrass, blues, and even rock. And it works surprisingly well. Just ask Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, two pioneers of the musical style. I’ve included them on this playlist, as well as newer favorites from artists like Nashville-based Lambchop, Sturgill Simpson, and Chris Stapleton. And of course, Kacey Musgraves, because she’s having a ~moment~.

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