Crywolf at Canopy Club (Preview)

Crywolf is a producer who is now coming to the stage as a proper solo musician. A true modern artist, Crywolf has humble beginnings on Soundcloud. His first track ever posted there was “The Moon Is Falling Down”, featuring the Charity Lane’s vocals. From this first song you can already hear he has a talent for making music sound like it’s coming from somewhere unearthly. Crywolf continued crafting this sound with Charity Lane on the hit “Neverland,” exploring a more playful side. His latest album (his first “proper” one you could say since the previous ones where EP’s or collaborations) has him introducing more natural sounds, straying from his EDM roots. “Anachronism” for example starts off with just guitar feedback and fingerpicking.

Tonight, as part of the WPGU Concert Series at the Canopy Club, at 9pm Champaign-Urbana will get to see Crywolf in this transformative stage of his musical career.


Buy tickets here.



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