CU hip-hop’s finest hit the stage

U-C Hip-Hop stays true to its roots of promoting real hip-hop culture as they present Krukid & The Sugargliders tonight at the Canopy Club. Performing alongside other notables such as Agent Mos, Curb Service, Cornbread, and Jonah and Science Ninja Team, the Uganda native and CU transplant will hit the stage tonight, spitting rhymes off of his newest album, AFRiCAN, while teaming with other diverse artists for a night not to be missed. buzz chatted with Krukid and part-time collaborator, full-time friend Larry Gates of Curb Service, to take a peek into tonight’s show.
buzz: You have an album about to drop. What can we expect from the new release?
Krukid: Nothing short of crazy. It’s called Memoirs of a Mannequin, dropping in the fall. Right now, though, we’re still promoting the new album, AFRiCAN, dropped on Rawkus records. I actually had to put more copies in the stores as both of my albums sold out downtown. The support has been extremely humbling.
buzz: You’re playing with Curb Service at the Canopy. What’s it like to play with someone so different from your own style? Why do you guys mesh?
Krukid: More than anything, we’re all fans of good music in general, so it should be no surprise that me or Larry Gates or Agent Mos would connect on a musical level. We’re one big happy U-C music family, hip-hop and/or otherwise. I actually have a verse on the new Curb Service album, which is an honor. It’s a great album.
buzz: Speaking of Curb Service, how’d you like Larry’s cover of your song “This Is Life?”
Krukid: It was both hysterical and awe-inspiring. I was a fan of Larry’s way before he knew I existed.
buzz: Which of these cats who are going to be on stage with you should our readers be sure to get a good seat for?
Krukid: Honestly? All of them bring something unique to the table; anyone who misses out on it will hear about what went down. It’s gonna be pretty impressive, I’m glad to be a part of it. We’re also premiering a new band! Krukid and the Sugargliders are taking no prisoners. Be there!
buzz: What’s it like to be playing on stage with so many hip-hop acts when your style is so different?
Larry Gates of Curb Service: I’m sorta the odd man out, but I know a lot of these cats and work with these cats in some capacity. I have elements of hip-hop, beats and turntables that are like hip-hop.
buzz: You covered Krukid’s song “This Is Life.” What brought that about?
Larry: It was my favorite song off Raisin in the Sun. When I play it, he just stands in the audience and kind of smiles and laughs.
buzz: You and Krukid are buds, but what other local artists are you looking to team up with?
Larry: That list is probably too huge! That’s what I love about living here. Champaign is so blessed with talent! There are a lot of talented cats. Come check out the show, and see what these cats are doing live!

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