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CU’s annual Pygmalion Music Festival will begin its third installment next week (the kick-off party will be on the last day of circulation for this issue). Since most of the rest of this week’s buzz will be covering the festival, I’ll hold off most of my thoughts on it for next week. Instead, I offer you a column that reads like a definition of “the calm before the storm.” Read on!

Angie Heaton, fresh off of a fantastic full-band show to mark the release of her new CD, The Rumor Mill, will play an acoustic set tonight at Aroma CafÇ. Reached for comment about last week’s report of a possible love affair between Angie and fashionable man Nate Jones, Heaton furiously denied the rumors while simultaneously nodding her head and winking. Message received Angie! Stop into Aroma CafÇ at 8 p.m. for the free show, which also features returning tour-monger Martha Berner, who has a fantastic new EP out. Check her out at “Ten Tiny Little Pieces” is a great song. Also be sure to tip the artists, or at least pay Angie to show you her cell phone pictures of her and the Bangles.

Your other options for Thursday night take you to the realm of covers, where Nevermind: A Tribute to Nirvana will play at the Canopy Club (8 p.m., $5), or where you can find Live Karaoke Band at Cowboy Monkey (10 p.m., $5).

Also big on the agenda for the weekend are things of a guitar-themed nature, to coincide with the Wall To Wall Guitar Festival, which kicks off tonight. The Iron Post in Urbana will have a night of jazz guitarists on Thursday starting at 7 p.m. The guitarists will revolve in and out, with a permanent rhythm section. Ghost man on third.

If you’re not being dragged, kicking and screaming, to Friday night’s Umphrey’s McGee show by a fan who insists that they are the best band of all time, you might instead drop by Cowboy Monkey to check out the quirky stylings of Fotomana. Not only will you save $18, but the Fotomana show also carries the benefit of not coming home smelling like patchouli and bros. UM: (8 p.m., $23). FM: (10 p.m., $5). CU: you decide.

If you’re looking for less bros and more ’80s, you can always head over to the Highdive, where DJ Tim Williams and DJ Stifler will host an ’80s dance night for only $3 (10 p.m.). Also, down in Tolono at Radmaker’s, X-Krush will share the stage with the Feuding Hillbillies (TBA time, TBA cover – call the bar for info – 485-3531).

Speaking of the ’80s and Radmakers, the two will unite to form a holy union (not the sex position) on Saturday night as the Brat Pack makes a stop. Once again, though, you’ll have to call the bar for show info, or check out

WEFT Sessions (10 p.m., Mondays on 90.1FM) will feature local boys elsinore this week, just as they return from a weekend in Tennessee. The band will continue touring the Midwest following their Pygmalion Fest slot. Lead singer Ryan Groff will take off after the WEFT appearance to play solo shows in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Check out and for more info, and to tell your friends in other cities to get out to some shows.

So now onto the Pygmalion Fest and info that is probably already in this issue somewhere. For those of you who sat on your hands and didn’t get festival passes when they were super cheap, or for those who are new to the scene and didn’t even know about the festival, wristbands are still very much worth the $45. There are some incredible acts lined up for the weekend, and it’s possible to catch a lot of them if you plan well. Get to or for info on show lineups and times.

Wednesday night is the kickoff party at the Canopy Club, with headliner Okkervil River (a huge get for a festival, and already one of the big talks of this year’s). I’m excited about them, sure, but I actually am equally excited about Early Day Miners. Their song “Return of the Native” is one of my favorite songs from the last few years. If you can track it down online, get it. You’ll want to go to the show and buy the Offshore record, which they hopefully still have on vinyl. Damien Jurado, Catfish Haven, and the Odewas also play. 8 p.m. start.

Next week: More Pygmalion coverage! Plans for a new DJ mingram residency! More nonsense!

Mike Ingram can be reached at with unsubstantiated rumors and show info.

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