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Girl power takes another step tonight at Aroma Café where the dependable Eleni Moraites will share the stage with CU newcomers Tall Tales (formerly called Tracey and Tricia, but you wouldn’t know that unless you’ve seen them at an open mic or in their dorm rooms or something). The Tall Tales girls mix acoustic guitar and keyboards with two pretty voices to end up with a sound that lands somewhere around the softer tracks in Eisley’s repertoire. Tonight’s show starts at 8 p.m. and is free, but, of course, tips are appreciated. Tall Tales will also play a show at the IMC on Friday night with Me, Him and Charlie Miller (8 p.m., $5).

The Brat Pack will bring the entire ’80s decade to The Highdive Friday night – the songs, the outfits, the mullets. Watch drummer Josh of Seagulls sing Journey’s immortal “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” as effortlessly as you or I might pretend to sing it. Talk about talent, folks! The show starts at 10 p.m. and will cost you $7. But if you think about how much you might spend elsewhere on a jukebox to get to hear all these songs, you’re coming out way ahead – especially when you think about how ridiculous the prices are on those internet jukeboxes. What a bargain. That is a bargain for me.

Did you know that Jillian’s is hosting live music on the weekends now? Yeah, I didn’t either until someone asked if we wanted to play. That’s right, folks – the unstoppable juggernaut that is Darling Disarm (now with 22 percent more rock) will be playing at Jillian’s Friday night from 8 p.m. to midnight. In the midst of original songs written by Kayla Brown (recently seen onstage at Big Al’s in Peoria!), there will be several ridiculous cover songs and an appearance from this columnist as the wannabe lead guitar player.

Lucky Boys Confusion is playing at the Canopy Club on Saturday, and while I can’t imagine anyone could possibly care less about them than I do, maybe you do. And in your caring less than me, you’re thinking, “Mike, please show me the light. Tell me what I should do instead of going to see LBC.” I hear ya! So consider these options instead:

The Impalas – Cowboy Monkey – 9:30 p.m. Imagine the best female vocalist you’ve ever heard. Now imagine that girl in junior high that you knew could beat up any guy in class and probably most of the teachers. If your brain can make it compute, add the two together. The sum is Dawna Nelson. She’s a badass, she’s sassy and her voice will blow you away. Now add in a great backing band featuring Bruiser (of the Virtues) on guitar. Now you’ve got the Impalas, and now you know why you should cough up the $5 to see them.

Brother Embassy/Trouvere/Discount Jam Box – Radmaker’s – 9 p.m. Have you been to Radmaker’s in Tolono yet? Were you even aware that there was a music venue in our little pal-town to the south? Well, check out for more info about the venue. As for the bands, Brother Embassy specializes in the sweet, sweet fusion of funk and rock, while Trouvere is a little more straightforward in its rocking. Discount Jam Box, well, I’m not going to lie – I have no idea. Hopefully, the “jam” in the name doesn’t actually mean the band is a jam band. No price listed at the site, so let’s guess – $17.

Staying at home and doing nothing. I’m serious. I’m just going to go ahead and say that you’d be better off staying at home and watching reruns of Law & Order. Say no to bro rock.

Bright Eyes going head to head with Atmosphere is the big show news for Sunday, but I’m sure those shows are being covered elsewhere. I will instead focus my attention on the benefit concert for the Humane Society that will be taking place at The Highdive. For the third year in a row, Live Karaoke Band will provide the entertainment as CU DIVAS tries to raise money for the little fur-balls. 6 p.m. is that start time, and you should try to donate a little more than the $5 cover if you can.

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