Apparently icon pictures are out, and huge pictures are in. Look out Seth Fein – you’re next. Since everyone was busy looking at my amazing picture last week, I’m not going to feel bad about the lack of emails for a new column title. Most people probably didn’t even make it to the last paragraph. I’m sure it’s unsettling trying to read with my huge head staring at you; I was unable to do it. Moving on!

Sunday night’s Iron Post show with Cameron McGill & the Quartet Offensive was incredible, thanks to all of the people who came because of my article, and said they were glad they did. That was possibly the quietest that the Iron Post has ever been. The artists were extremely happy. You’ll be able to catch Cameron again, hopefully with the quartet, later this fall. Also, thanks should be extended to Paul Wirth, the owner of the Post. He puts a lot of effort into having live music at his place often, and works his ass off in there every day. Make sure to check out to find a show that looks interesting, and to scope the food menu. Go in sometime and grab some food – it’s all very good.

elsinore’s show on Saturday was also a blast. It was great to see so many faces. A video for the song “Timid Maggie Mae” was shot, so you might find your smiling face on YouTube sometime soon. Hopefully someone caught the return of Liam’s dance solo. Everyone should also hope that no one caught his stripping at Live Band Karaoke on Thursday. Those who arrived at the elsinore show late really missed out on some fantastic openers. Champaign’s own songwriting politico Darrin Drda was a treat, as were the two Indiana bands that played. Check out and for information regarding the bands. elsinore and Darrin Drda will both return to Champaign for the Pygmalion Music Festival.

Lorenzo Goetz played a show last Friday at the Courtyard Cafe sans drummer Jesse Greenlee, who was ill. Joe “Thunderfist” Funderburk, best known as the drummer for rock legends Tritone, filled in and rocked it, according to LG’s own Larry Gates. LG guitarist Josh Miethe, reached while “browsing” at an “adult store,” was unable to comment. Lorenzo Goetz plays Chicago’s Millennium Park tonight, and hits the Canopy Club on Saturday to open for Lucky Boys Confusion. Next week they embark on a tour that will take them to Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. All the best to Jesse for a speedy recovery.

Tonight you can catch the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash at Cowboy Monkey (10 p.m., $10), or head over to the Canopy Club to catch Zoso, the excellent Led Zeppelin tribute band (10 p.m., $7). Or, if you’d like to see whether my head is as big in real life as it appears in print, head over to the Courtyard Cafe at 8 p.m. to catch a writers-in-the-round style show featuring Ryan Groff (of elsinore), Kayla Brown (of Darling Disarm), G. Lee, and me. Autographs will be signed after the show.

Friday: A pre-Pygmalion Music Festival party will be going down at Cowboy Monkey, featuring Denison Whimer, Bailey, Tractor Kings, and the Chemicals (10 p.m., $5). This is a killer chance to catch four excellent bands. Another good choice is Mason Jennings at Canopy Club (9 p.m., $10).

Saturday: What a night for music in CU. The show of the night is clearly The Smoking Popes at the Highdive (7:30 p.m., $12 in advance, $14 at the door). There’s also a fantastic show at the Courtyard Cafe featuring touring acts Shearwater and Arrah and the Ferns, along with locals the Greytones and New Ruins (8:30 p.m., $5). Out at the Alto Vineyards you can catch a set by local favorites the Impalas, featuring Dawna Nelson (7:30 p.m., $3). And, at Mike n Molly’s, you can drop five bucks for a night of film and music with the Micro-Film Movie Show (8 p.m., $5). Yes, all of these shows are early. What will you do later in the evening? The answer is at Cowboy Monkey, where Kilborn Alley will be bluesing it up ’til close.

Sunday: Monte Montgomery, the acoustic virtuoso, will be at Canopy Club (7 p.m., $12). There’s also a fantastic show at the Highdive with the Supersuckers (8:30 p.m., $13 in advance, $15 at the door). If you want to take a chance on some brand new music, Cowboy Monkey will be hosting a showcase of some of the best talent to come through the weekly open mic night (9 p.m., $3). Chris Eitel (usually seen playing bass with elsinore) will play a full set on acoustic, assuming his oxygen tank doesn’t run out.

Mike Ingram is an aspiring hipster. He has been playing and booking shows in CU for what seems like decades, and is also the local music director at 90.1 WEFT. Send him info about shows, and suggestions for a new column name, at

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