Cymbals Eat Guitars blow out the Void Room

Cymbals Eat Guitars are not a well known band, but they sure sound like they should be. Debuting in 2009 with their stellar self-released Why There Are Mountains, not many people caught on initially. Pitchfork is usually the one to highlight these “breakout” acts and bands, and when they were coined with the cherished “Best New Music” last year, things started looking up for the Staten Island group. Their accolades certainly back up what they brought to the Void Room at Canopy Club Tuesday night with local band The Leadership.

The Leadership opened up and brought some snarling alt-rock jams to the stage, giving us a taste of some their newer material. They are an up-and-coming local act, but they certainly show they know how to take the stage and put on a good show. Headed by Jon Childers, the rugged vocals and early Wilco twang-meets-The Hold Steady guitar tone makes the band one of the better and tighter local acts we’ve seen in recent memory. Their half hour set consisted of fresh tracks, including foot-stomper “Flesh & Bones” as well as their set list staple closer “Aluminum Man”.

Cymbals Eat Guitars took the small stage and lead singer Joseph D’Agostino ravaging his guitar and nearly falling off the stage at some points. Their setlist consisted of a ton of new material, from which they said will be on their next record (due out sometime next year). The band’s sound draws similar influences to early Modest Mouse as well as the veteran indie rock outfit Built To Spill, which aren’t awful comparisons to say the least. Starting off with two fresh tracks, they followed with the album opener “…And the Hazy Sea” and it’s pummelling drums and D’Agostino’s unorthodox vocal delivery, as well as other Mountains tracks “Indiana” (D’Agostino making a comment “I’ve heard people from Illinois don’t like people from Indiana), and the incredible closer “Wind Phoenix (Proper Name).” If you didn’t get a chance to see them this time around, check out their upcoming tour with The Thermals, they’ll be playing in Chicago next week. Book it.

Check out Cymbals Eat Guitars at their website, and their Myspace.
Check out The Leadership at their Facebook page, and their Myspace.

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