Dactyls and Bandit Teeth

Tonight, Mike and Molly’s will be showcasing the bands The Dactyls and Bandit Teeth. If you haven’t seen any other shows this summer see this one. Why? Because you’ll be in the presence of some the most spontaneous, friendly, outgoing people you’ll ever find making music. Besides, they just might hang out with you after the show. Here’s what John Momberg (The Dactyls) and Zach Campbell (Bandit Teeth) want you to know:
buzz: So tell a little about The Dactyls, who is in it, and how long have you been together?
John: Buy us drinks. Put that in there. Well Nick and John, who are twins, are like the songwriting team. They are two of the hardest working people, they get stuff done and don’t get distracted. We all live together including Brendan Costello, and I also work with Nick and John.
buzz: What about Bandit Teeth?
Zach: In 1998 Brad Shanks moved to New York and started Blood on the Wall, then seven years later he moved back to Lawrence (Kansas) and found me, this incarnation of Bandit Teeth have been together for a year.
buzz: (to Zach) On your MySpace page The Parent Trap is one your influences, which one? The Lindsey Lohan version or the original, old school one?
Zach: Definitely the Lindsey Lohan.
John: Fuck old school, the new school is where its at.
buzz: John, how would you describe Bandit Teeth’s music?
John: If I had to compare them, people who like Pavement and Guided By Voices would like them. They rotate instruments, and different songs are different, but they all work together, and their sound goes together. They get their songs to where they should be, good song writing without overdoing them.
Zach (on the Dactyls): Crazy guitar work. You can tell they all live together, and work all day on guitar products. They’re around each other so much they live and breathe practicing. We (Bandit Teeth) live together as well, but we just never practice.
buzz: Do you guys do anything pre-show?
Zach: Backrubs. I like to listen to Minor Threat. We drink and smoke.
John: Listen to Polvo. We need to get a jar of Grey Poupon in case anyone asks while we’re on tour.
Zach: Brad wants to wear eyeball glasses and then paint eyeballs on his eyelids so when he takes off the glasses the eyeballs are still there. So we’re looking for a good eyeball artist.
buzz: Anything you want to leave us with?
John: Come to the show. There will be at least one song by one band you’ll like. We might do something crazy or something you’ll enjoy. We might buy everyone a cupcake. I don’t even like cupcakes. Finger foods, its all about the finger food.
Zach: Check out stereogum.com and look at the interview of Fred Durst by Tom Green.

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