Darling Disarm disarmed?

Come mid-August, CU native and musician Kayla Brown will be moving to Nashville. Before she leaves the us, however, Brown has an assortment of performances coming up, including an acoustic performance at Aroma Cafe on August 7 with Darling Disarm bandmate Mike Ingram.
Brown said there are a variety of reasons she is moving to Nashville, including finding more for herself musically.
“Nashville for me will be mostly a learning experience,” she said. “Between taking classes and exploring a new music scene, I’m really hoping to learn more about what I do and the people that share that same interest and lifestyle.”
Ingram said he and Brown have been doing weekend shows for some time now.
“It’s fun and it’s different,” Ingram said. “She and I do a lot of weekend things around the area and play random bars around Illinois.”
Ingram described the feeling of the shows, saying they are looser than with the full band. The songs can vary from originals to covers of artists ranging from Damien Rice to the Jackson 5.
While that seems to be a wide palate to choose from, there may be even more in store for audiences..
“We may bust out some new stuff we like, or some old soul or R&B covers,” Ingram said. “Her voice lends really well to that kind of stuff.”
Brown had kind words to say about Ingram as well, calling him “hilarious, dedicated, professional, caring and really good at gettin’ (stuff) done.”
Despite the move, both Brown and Ingram say that Darling Disarm is not done for good. Ingram said the band, which also includes locals Tyler Bundy and James Treichler, will be doing some things as a trio, and Brown said she will also travel back a few times a year to work on recordings and do shows with the band.
Brown said she will miss a lot about CU, including the people she knows here and all the people she has worked with in the music scene.
“I was born and raised here (U-Town Proud), so all the people I’ve met over the years that I’ve become great friends with I will miss very much,” she said.

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