Debut Albums That Will Never Be Topped

Weezer’s Blue Album
I guess some people might say that Pinkerton is a better album, and there can be valid arguments made to back that up. But, I think everyone can agree that this is miles ahead of anything else they’ve ever put out.

Alkaline Trio’s Goddamnit
Alkaline Trio is easily my favorite band. I’ve liked every album they’ve put out, even the latest ones that everyone seems to hate. None of them can come close to how great this record is, though, as no amount of fancy studio tricks will ever be a substitute for the raw and emotional sound they captured on their debut release.

The Strokes’ Is This It?
All of their releases have been solid, but the less coherent Julian Casablancas sounds when he sings, the less I seem to enjoy their albums.

Taking Back Sunday’s
Tell All Your Friends
It might be tough to admit, but this album was a guilty pleasure for many of you reading this, especially in your overly-dramatic high school years. It’s probably pretty easy to admit that you’ve hated their other two releases, though. Maybe it’s the quality of the music, or maybe it’s because I’m not 16 anymore, but the last two discs just didn’t do it for me.

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