Dig out your old flannels, 1993 is back

The Living Blue recently put up a stream of their new album, Walk, Talk, Rhythm, Roam, at thelivingblue.com, giving fans an even bigger peek at the material that has been available on the band’s MySpace page. While the stream lacks a kind of interface for skipping songs, it works perfectly for those wanting to take in the whole thing at once. The songs sound as furious as ever, with excellent production value on songs like “Numb” strongly kicking the album off behind a solid rhythm section banging out a beat in three along with the interweaving guitar sounds of Steve Uckerek and Joe Prokop. The band remains in the hunt for a new label while toying with the idea of an independent release for the album. You’ll be able to hear the new tracks live tonight at Mike ‘n Molly’s, where The Living Blue will share the stage with Dark Meat, The Beauty Shop, and Quiet Hooves. The show will hopefully be a beer garden affair if the weather cooperates. It will begin at 8 p.m. and there is a $5 cover charge.
If you’re up for making a night of it following the Mike ‘n Molly’s show, head over to Cowboy Monkey where the second installment of the venue’s new Thursday night (free) series will commence at 11 p.m. Elsinore front-man Ryan Groff is featured in the 11 p.m. slot, followed at midnight by Cameron McGill and What Army (on the way home from a tour opening for Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s). This incarnation of Cameron’s band may be the strongest yet, featuring former CU resident (and Elanors member), Noah Harris, on keys, and Wandering Sons guitarist Dan McMahon. McGill’s latest effort (for now — the guy is trying to match Ryan Adams on output, it seems), Hold On Beauty, is picking up some steam in indie circles and will be available at the (free) show.
On Sunday the Highdive will present the long-awaited reunion concert of several of the local scene’s best and brightest from the early ’90s. The ’90s scene gods, dressed in flannels and ripped jeans, have conspired to offer you a headlining set from Honcho Overload (the band that ushered in the MUD era at Parasol Records), along with appearances from: Mother (who would later become Menthol), The Moon Seven Times (featuring Brat Pack singer Lynn Canfield), dick justice, Corndolly (with Angie Heaton on the drums), and Driver Has No Cash. Doors open at 7 p.m. with an 8 p.m. show time. Get your $10 tickets at thehighdive.com in advance to ensure your spot at a show that will likely sell out.

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