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Zubberdust! – Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche

This album comes to us from a Montreal band that isn’t afraid to throw funk and electronic music into long experimental jams. If the artwork itself doesn’t give away how experimental they are, then just look at the back with the tracklist. You will see that the songs “Face a l’instant” has four parts to it and so does “Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun,” making the album only technically four songs long. The jams occasionally have some really cool parts worth listening to, such as dramatic crescendos of noise when they both end, but they are rare and in between mostly over-compressed monotonous sounding jams. The whole album would sound so much better if they had more melodies throughout.

The album has two pieces, “Deja, hier…” and “A partir de dorenavant” which walks that border between music and noise. That stuff really takes you somewhere else thanks to its recordings of everyday life and some hypnotic rhythms. It’s an especially nice intermission between the two long jams, which would have given the album a real nice overall tempo had the extended jams been more exciting. Hopefully the band’s next album will have some more creative jam sessions and keep the interesting aspects that are hidden in this album.

Verdict: Thumbs down

Sounds Like: Phoenix, Scientific Map

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