DJ Blog: Talking Trash with Ash, Trash of the Week Pt. 16

Hmm. The Grammys this year. Hmm.

Bon Iver is a new artist?  Taylor Swift gets a standing ovation?

Praising a public domestic abuser with a Grammy and then asking him to perform?

But the cherry on top of it all was Nicki Minaj’s demon dance with an old man pretending to be a Catholic priest.  I honestly felt like I was watching The Exorcist: The Musical presented at Six Flags Great America.

If it weren’t for Jennifer Hudson’s gorgeous Whitney Houston tribute, I would have thrown my television out the window.

I will always have respect for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, but let’s hope the Oscars have a little bit more class than the Grammys did this year.

With (tough) love,


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