DJ Blog: Talking Trash with Ash, Trash of the Week Pt. 18

This has been a crazy week; the 84th annual Academy Awards were on Sunday night, Leap Day was celebrated on Wednesday with 84-year-olds celebrating their 21st birthdays, and Snooki got pregnant… But let’s go back to the Oscars.

The Oscars are eternally classy and everyone loves them for it, while The Grammy’s highlight abusive Chris Brown and put trashy Rihanna on stage next to the genius Chris Martin…

So my question is: why can’t all of the awards shows be as classy as the Oscars?  They’ve been running for 84 years now, classy as ever, and everyone loves them for it.

Awards shows, you better take notes… You don’t have to be trashy to be popular-  Unless you’re Snooki.

With (tough) love,


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