DJ Blog: Talking Trash with Ash, Trashiest Celebrity of 2011

As 2011 wraps up, and we look back on all of the trash in the media, what better way to ring in the New Year than to pick the Trashiest Celebrity of 2011?

As I’ve dished the daily dirt through the airwaves, this has-been has cluttered more than a few rants…

Drum roll please.
The Trashiest Celebrity of 2011 is Lindsay Lohan.

As I’m sure you could have guessed, from her probation violation and jail to assaulting a worker at her rehab clinic, this girl’s definitely got what it takes to be named the Trashiest.

And just because Marilyn posed for Playboy doesn’t mean it makes you any classier, Lilo. Also, please make a New Year’s resolution to stop doing whatever is making your teeth look so disgusting.

With (tough) love,

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