Dum Dum Girls issue short but stellar He Gets Me High EP

Dum Dum Girls’ most recent record I Will Be was released just over 11 months before this near-perfect follow up EP. In the past few years a ’60s pop revival seems to be taking place and the Dum Dum Girls show the greatness that this genre holds. From Best Coast to Girls, Dum Dum Girls are another band that understands their music forefathers and are taking this knowledge into the studio with them. Many consider the ’60s the greatest decade for music and seeing bands return to the popular styles of that great decade is amazing. Dum Dum Girls’ He Gets Me High EP follows the same formula that made their debut great and still shows their development as artists.
This EP is a short taste of what the Dum Dum Girls have managed to accomplish while extensively touring in support of their debut full length album. With three new original songs and a cover, the quality of the material is definitely enough to hold their fans over until the release of their next full-length album. The opener “Wrong Feels Right” hits the ground running with extremely fast-paced drumming, melodic guitar, and Dee Dee’s engrossing vocals the bands same feel is established and their growth is realized. It is impossible to not think of ’60s pop while listening to this song. “Wrong Feels Right” was the perfect lead into the EP’s single, “He Gets Me High.”
The title track comes out with guitars blaring drenched in heavy distortion, grabs hold and does not let go throughout the entire song. Dee Dee’s vocals are fully immersed in the entire track. Dee Dee’s vocals are the strongest aspect on each track. She has developed strongly as a singer since their debut. Where the distortion and rock of the first album were the focal points, Dee Dee’s voice has taken that spot over. The first two aspects are still very present, but Dee Dee has matured into stronger vocals and the band has grown with her.
The final two songs of the EP show the Dum Dum Girls’ depth and talent. “Take Care of My Baby” slows things down for the girls and they prove on this track that they can make great songs that are emotionally packed but also slow and personal. This track sounds strongly influenced by a fellow tour companion, Girls. Replace Dee Dee’s vocals with Christopher Owen’s and anyone would be hard-pressed to find a difference.
The most surprising song on the album is the finale, their cover of The Smiths’ classic “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.” Running fifteen seconds faster the increase in speed does not take much away from the song. Without knowing it is a cover, the Smiths would still be immediately brought to mind. Dee Dee captures Morrissey’s feel almost perfectly. This early in her career, this cover shows the great potential she and the rest of her band have in the future.
These four short songs tell us a great deal about the Dum Dum Girls. The first two showed they were maturing as a group, but still sticking to what everyone fell in love with one their debut. Then the final two songs show the vast potential and greatness that may come out of the Dum Dum Girls on their next full-length album. He Gets Me High can, at the minimum, be a hold over until their next full-length album, but as a stand alone EP, it is simply great.

WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P-G
Recommended if you like: Best Coast, Vivian Girls & Wavves.

W = Poor
W-P = Fair
W-P-G = Great
W-P-G-U = An instant classic!

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