Essential folk-punk albums

I claim no expertise on this subject, by any means. While there are a number of bands that could have and should have been included on this list, such as old Against Me! or any release from Plan-It-X Records, these four albums are an accurate representation of the musical, lyrical and DIY appeal of the folk-punk genre.
The Great Depression by Defiance, Ohio
Though I am partial to the self-released Share What Ya Got, Defiance, Ohio’s first album for No Idea Records, The Great Depression, is everything one could want out of the group. Full of spirit, shared vocals and the necessary presence of violin and cello, the album has a cleaner, more focused sound than past releases. Still true to the band’s DIY aesthetics, The Great Depression is available for free download on the group’s Web site.
Front Seat Solidarity by This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
Heavily politically motivated group This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb are at their best with 2002’s Front Seat Solidarity. Part folk, part country, part punk, the work is motivated by an overwhelming sense of energy and belief in the music. Still, it’s unfortunate that the most recognition the band has received is for several evacuations caused by the presence of the band’s sticker on actual bicycles.
People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World by Andrew Jackson Jihad
With a name like “Andrew Jackson Jihad,” one can only expect a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Looking for “good music and a good time,” the band’s songs cover any subject from rabbits and fruit to serial killers. With horns, a singing saw and the glockenspiel, the music of Andrew Jackson Jihad has to be heard to truly understand.
The Debt Of The Dead by Ghost Mice
Primarily the work of Chris Johnston and Hannah Jones, Ghost Mice prides itself on an entirely acoustic live show that does not incorporate the use of amps nor microphones. With 2004’s Plan-It-X Records release The Debt Of The Dead, Ghost Mice brought out the violin and hopeful lyrics in the midst of a not-so-hopeful world.

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