Fall Blues Begone Playlist

Living with the fluxes of Champaign weather, we can deny the end of Summer until about mid-October.
However, the red and orange leaves coupled with the reemergence of flannels it looks like Fall is finally
here. The chilly weather and midterm season can get you down, but do not worry! That just means it’s
time for new music. There are some odes to Fall, with “we fell in love in October” and “November,” but
other than that this playlist can take you many places. Songs across genres like alternative, electronic,
and hip-hop. Overall, it is a playlist that offers a range of happiness and excitement so probably not the
best to listen to if you need a good cry instead. The changing of seasons and the stress of midterms can
always be a difficult time, but each year I found myself falling into new music while studying or taking
time to destress. One thing that has stayed the same this year is music, so find the beauty in that if the
pretty fall leaves are not enough!

About Sophia Mallidis

Sophia is from a small town in Northern Illinois, and has been an avid music listener since the time when it was still cool to bring a portable CD player on the school bus (Backstreet Boys was the CD of choice in 2006). Spending time with her lovely and musically diverse friends, trying new foods, or new places are some other things that bring joy to her life.

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