Family Music Playlist

Ohana means family and family means you spend a lot of time arguing about what to watch on TV, where to eat, and, of course, what to listen to. Whether it was your dad listening to the classic rock radio on the way to dropping you off or your older sister getting you into an underground hip-hop CD, we’re all influenced by the music our family listens to.  Sure, in high school we tried finding our identity by going against what our parents listened to, but years later you may find yourself wanting to listen to some Dean Martin, if only because it’s what Mom used to listen to when she would clean.


Lamento Boliviano – Enanitos Verdes

My dad listened to a good amount of classic rock, but he mostly listened to Latin classic rock. He sometimes pretended to know lyrics to Michael Jackson songs to impress girls, but the only ones he could actually sing along to and understand were songs from Maná, Café Tacuba, and El Tri. I remember as a kid naively thinking it sounded like an awkward attempt at emulating the American sound. Now that I’m older, I can really appreciate the mixing of the Latin instrumentation like the pan flute intro in this song and a catchy rock and roll chorus yelling “Drunk and wild!” in Spanish. (Written by Mateo Muro)



Piel Canela – Los Panchos

Bolero is a genre prominent in Latin American countries as well as places like Puerto Rico, Cuba and my household. It’s common to hear boleros on my grandpa’s radio on a nice summer day as he gardens and my pops grills. It is also most typically heard in Mexican films from the 1950s that my parents absolutely love to watch, and when my dad plays a ballad for my mom on his guitar. Its romantic, warm and all around just a feel good reminder of my sweet Mexican home. (Written by Kayla Martinez)



Mariposa traicionera- Manà

Growing up bilingual for me always meant having an even larger possibility of songs to listen and sing along. Originating from Mexico in the city of Guadalajara, Maná is the type band everyone and their grandmother listens to religiously. These Mexican rockers will always be an all-time favorite of my mom and older siblings. Early Sunday morning in my household would not be the same without my parents’ stereo blaring the opening guitar lick of this timeless classic. (Written by Brenda Herrera)



Raining on Sunday – Keith Urban

There were many zany sorts of songs my family played around the house during my childhood. Whether it be Spanish guitar by the other John Williams, or the country music channel remaining on for all duration of daylight, I was exposed to interesting music. Keith Urban’s “Raining on Sunday” comes to mind the clearest. I can clearly picture Keith walking around his house (in the music video) freaking out because it’s raining, on a Sunday!


Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

My parents have always been fans of Elvis Presley, their first dance was to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” so it’s a no-brainer for me to pick Elvis Presley for this playlist. Hearing Elvis throughout my childhood harbored my love for Elvis and his entire persona. While he isn’t alternative, Elvis holds a place in anyone’s music collection.

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