Finals Lo-Fi Hip Hop Playlist

Finals are just around the corner and studying is a must. It’s important to have a chill playlist on deck for those long study hauls, but it’s also just as important to not be distracted by the playlist itself. And if you’ve stumbled upon those 24 hour chill study streams with aesthetic anime clips playing in the background, you know exactly where this is headed.

The problem with those streams is that their playlists are too long and incohesive; because of such a large pool of songs to choose from, a lot of the songs clash despite being more or less the same subgenre. Thankfully, your friends at WPGU handpicked this wonderfully flowing, mellow instrumental lo-fi hip hop playlist for you to enjoy. No more lyrical distractions or intense guitar solos — only chill piano samples and simple beats. It’s time to put in work.

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Tyler is a senior at the University. He's from Naperville, Illinois. Besides listening to music and watching movies, he enjoys playing competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee and eating banana bread with nuts.

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