First Three Miles playlist

Following the Marathon Weekend, I’m sure many of you have been asking yourselves if you should start running.  Anyone can run three miles, but getting into the right mindset can be tricky. If you pace yourself with 10:00 miles, each song in this playlist is a half mile marker.

This playlist serves to show that 3 miles is a perfectly manageable task.  It’s just six songs and then you’re finished.

Opening the playlist is Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” to get you pumped up to start the run.  It is important to go out strong, but also pace yourself. Once you hit half a mile, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will come on.  It is easiest to quit early on, so this song is sure to make you want to push a little bit further.

Congratulations!  Now you’ve run one mile!  Kanye’s “POWER” is up next to remind you that you’ve already run one mile, so you can definitely find the power to run two more.  To mark 1.5 miles, “Anna Sun” begins to wind the rundown.

Only one mile left and “Somebody to Love” will play.  At this point, you’re past halfway and you deserve all of the love in the world.  Finally, to close out your last half mile, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “Home” will literally bring it home.

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