For studying, driving, or meandering through the woods

Summer has gracefully made its debut and it’s time to spend our days studying for our summer classes, cruising around aimlessly, or exploring the campus premises on foot. Whatever the case, these albums should fill that void (that is, sound other than music) with some fine tunes.
Trial of the Century by The French Kicks
Though One Time Bells was a close second, this album, released in May of 2004, boasts hypnotic beats and meditative melodies. Each song has its own resounding theme that plays in your head but doesn’t distract you from the task at hand (like fighting off a bear while meandering through the woods). The album title track “Trial of the Century” will get you hooked.
Lost Souls by The Doves
Yeah, they’ve been around a while. But their music is still relevant to times when you just feel like listening to awesome music while driving. Which is pretty much all the time. This album takes many directions, from haunting to melodic genius with its track “The Man Who Told Everything”. It’ll keep you driving. In tears. Of Joy.
Wincing the Night Away by The Shins
From its crescendo-esque buildup in the beginning to its quieter walk-on-eggshell tracks, the latest release from The Shins will take you up and down your trek through the woods or those stubborn Calc problems. “Split Needles” is a perfect track to expose your ears to while driving outside of campus. Because driving on campus is fun sucks.
Dandelion Day by Kite Operations
This more obscure but talented band does not disappoint with their cinematic style. Guitars are distorted yet harmonious and each track blends together nicely in a sort of controlled chaos. “A Wonder” starts with a few scattered notes but comes together and unravels at the very end. Kind of like your brain after you’ve studied for too long.

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