Frattle of the Bands FINALE!

Last night Kam’s was packed for WPGU’s fourth annual Frattle of the Bands FINALE. Sponsors Jet’s Pizza and BAM Energy were supplying plenty of free pizza slices and very cheap Blue Guys.

The night started out Alpha Tau Omega’s (ATO) Thomas Arkle and the Clark’s, then Acacia’s The Ars Nova took the stage, followed by Delta Tau Delta’s The Fourth and Johns and Sigma Chi with the Grim Time Live.

The judges really had their work cut out for them this evening. All of the bands were really awesome and fun. They all even made sure to include some favorite WPGU artists, like Franz Ferdinand, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grouplove and The Black Keys. All of these bands had a lot of raw talent and some kick-ass chemistry with the crowd.

Lemme just talk about the crazy crowd for a second. There were specially designed graphic tees for a few of the houses, and huge groups were wearing them. Crowd members were screaming, climbing on tables and, somehow, making it rain beer.

At the end of the night the Delts took home the $1000 grand prize, but second and third place winners, Sigma Chi and Acacia, also got some ca$$$$$$h moniez. All in all, Kam’s was the place to be last night. This might have been the best Frattle to date, and I already can’t wait for Frattle of the Bands 5 now!

Just a little taste of the craziness that was WPGU 107.1’s Frattle of the Bands 4.

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