Frattle of the DJ’s IV – Feb. 26


Last Wednesday, February 26, marked the first night of the Frattle of the DJ’s competition. The night started off with high intensity as the crowd went wild for the first DJ from Sigma Phi Delta. Fans were acting all sorts of crazy from crowd-surfing friends, smashing bottles and throwing down endless dance battles. Keeping the same intensity, the next DJ from Pi Kappa Phi stepped on the stage and dished out a solid blend of mixes of today’s hits combined with his very own creations. Naturally, “Turn Down for What” and Krewella’s hit song, “Alive,” were instant jams that had every member of the crowd whipping out their best rage-face, dance moves that was entertaining on so many levels.

Representatives from Bud Light soon joined the event, and passed out free gifts like key chain bottle openers and blow-up glow sticks that transitioned perfectly as the lights went dark for the third DJ, Johnny Navarro from Alpha Tau Omega. The crowd, unbearably entertained by the glow sticks, paraded around the dance floor to Navarro’s trap beats. At this point, the judges were judging toughly, but kept it fair, and had a fun time themselves jamming to the music with the rest of the crowd.

12:45 hit and the final DJ, Steven Kveton from Phi Delta Theta, stepped up the stage. Confident, and wearing a seriously killer shirt, Kveton awed the judges with his mash-ups of all genres of songs from all different eras. At one point, everyone in the room was standing on anything from tables, chairs, and booths, just belting their hearts out and giving it their all since the end of the night was sadly approaching. At the end of Kveton’s set, the judges explained that every DJ of the night put on a remarkable performance and they were thoroughly impressed with the talent at U of I.

Giving themselves just a few short minutes to discuss the contestants, they judges decided to crown the winner of round one to Phi Delta Theta DJ, Steven Kveton, for his varied music styles and ability to make the crowd go absolutely insane on a Wednesday night during mid-term week.

Come out and join the fun next Wednesday, March 5, and see who will join Phi Delta Theta in the winner’s circle for round 2! The line-up includes:

Omega Delta: 9:45- 10:45
Lambda Chi Alpha: 10:45-11:45
AEPi: 11:45-12:45
Phi Kappa Psi: 12:45-1:45







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