Friday at Red Herring and Canopy

Tall Tale

In the small, intimate basement of the Red Herring played local band Tall Tale. This was a really nice set, the quintet showing a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Tricia and Tracey’s vocals were complemented by the solid drumming of Jared Park. The solid cement walls of the Red Herring made for a loud performance, but it was nice to have music back at the restaurant. Tall Tale gave an honest, earnest performance Friday night. If you missed them, be sure to check them out November 6 at Cowboy Monkey with Casados.

Dr. Manhattan

Well, what can I say? These guys are some of the most enthusiastic, high powered and energetic groups I’ve ever seen up close. The group had no problem getting close to the audience, even immersing themselves in the crowd. Adam, on bass, was a real character on stage, being animated and involved while keeping a solid groove. Matt on guitar kept glued the power pop group together, his vocals being clear and articulate despite the chaotic and frantic instrumentation behind him. Also, the collaboration with members of Tall Tale in the beginning of their set was undeniably sweet. While the performance suffered somewhat due to the room’s acoustics, Dr. Manhattan made their trip to CU well worth it.

Black Mountain

British Columbia’s Black Mountain finished off Canopy’s Friday marathon with Hood Internet, and both groups made sure not to disappoint. Playing crowd favorite “Stormy High,” a heavy, psychedelic, guitar-driven track from In The Future, the group started off their set strong. While the audience participation was slightly subdued compared to the night before (the stage remained intact unlike it did for Dan Deacon’s set), there was more opportunity to actually enjoy the group’s performance. With playful banter and an engaging attitude, Black Mountain gave the audience a great experience.

The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet’s performance Friday night was a perfect end to Canopy’s show. Yet another loud and sweaty dance party in the void room of the Canopy, The Hood Internet capitalized on their ability to seamlessly blend our culture’s most familiar pop tunes and completely redefine them. With the audience knowing all the words and half the beats, the energy level reached a new high for the night. So….how will Girl Talk top this in November?

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