Funk Fusion Playlist

Applying sub-genres to all the music I listen to would most likely drive me crazy, and in order to spare my sanity, I’ve decided to compile a playlist which steers away from that. Broad genres are a much safer choice, especially since all the artists embodied in this playlist are a fusion of multiple genres, some crossing into other musical territories more than others. Canadian producer Kaytranada opens the playlist, with an incredibly unique sound, consisting of a smooth groove and sensational instrumentals. A variety of artists are sprinkled throughout, with styles ranging from MF DOOM to Blood Orange and J Dilla. One thing they all share in common? A funky rhythm they constructed with their own minds, pertaining to their own taste. As you’re listening be sure to tune in to the elements of jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop all found within.

About Natalia Fic

Natalia is a sophomore from the Chicago suburbs studying psychology and Spanish. In her spare time she attempts to write her own music, raves about how much she loves dream pop, and simply enjoys the beauty that life has to offer.

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