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In honor of a certain Chicago team making it farther in the playoffs than anyone expected, we have compiled a quick list of motivational tracks. Whether you plan to cheer on the lovable losers this week, or you have to stay in and study for that scary, looming exam, we hope these songs will pump you up for facing the task at hand.

Cream – “White Room”

Nothing builds up more excitement than the first 20 seconds of this song. With groovy guitar riffs and silver horses references, “White Room” is the track to build up high hopes and break free into a burst of fanatic madness.

-Kayla Martinez

Bloc Party – “Helicopter”

This song never fails to get my blood pumping. The frenetic pace and the easy lyrics make it hard for me to sit down and write my blurb. Turn it up to eleven and go get some.

-Mateo Muro

And So I Watch You From Afar – “Big Thinks Do Remarkable”

Listening to the first 30 seconds of this song, I can bet that you’ll already be head banging. And with a song title like “Big Thinks Do Remarkable,” it’s obvious that you’re going to do something pretty gnarly that day. So, JUST DO IT!

-Julia Antonson

The Killers – “All These Things That I’ve Done”

On the rare occasion that I do run, I always make sure to compile a killer playlist. When I’m running I like to imagine I’m doing something extremely powerful and empowering – probably saving the world – and the song needs to have the inspirational vigor to match. Nothing like this song to really get me moving and feeling like I can conquer everything life throws at me.

-Emma Goodwin

Busta Rhymes- “Fire”

This song has been one of my go-to motivational tunes for so long that it practically courses through my veins. Even though I can only discern about half of the lyrics, the aggressive, persistent beat is irresistible, and I can always count on Busta to light a fire under my rear.

-Claire Schroeder

Suzi Quatro – “Wild One”

You may have heard this song in The Runaways with Kristen Stewart, but even before the Runaways entered the rock ’n roll scene, Suzi Quatro had been doing her thing for a long time. She was the first time a woman had such a “tough girl” presence in a male dominated genre, not to mention profession. I listen to this song when I want to break new barriers, or when I want to walk around and feel like a badass.

-Emma Kelley

Rey Pila – “Fire Away”

Whether it be for its cool beats or catchy synths, there is no way you can possibly listen to this song and be left feeling unmotivated. Since the moment you first hear it it’ll soon become the one song to have on your playlist that keeps you fired up.

-Brenda Herrera

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