Get Warped


Cute is What We Aim For: Store some good energy off those funnel cakes you’re eatin’, for you better be ready to hip and hop to the song “The Curse of Curves.”

Alkaline Trio: Be ready to push and shove to the front, baby. They’ve been around some time and have been cooked on high for even longer. In other words, they are HOT.

Amber Pacific: Trust me, I know very well how easily wallets can open, but save your cash for the Amber Pacific stand. Word on the street is that they hang out there to talk to you.

Tiger Army: Less emo and more rock. I like. I also like their single “Forever Fades Away.” Check it.

Hawthorne Heights: Ahhh, the memories of Warped Tour all those many years ago when I had my very first mosh experience with Rancid. Get your elbow pads and helmet ready for these guys.

Boys like Girls: Cute, trendy boys. There’s a reason to jump to the front. Oh, and apparently, they’re good too. Try the song, “The Great Escape.

The Almost: I was going to say they have this uplifting thing going on, but then I realized just about 90 percent of these bands do. But take my word for it, these guys are mood enhancers, even when there are 100 jammers crowded around you and the very large man in front of you is blocking your view of the lead singer.

Random fun

See how many crazy colors, designs and shoelaces a kid can fit on one Vans shoe.

Count how many people believe that kicking is the proper way to dance.

Count how many people believe that punching is the proper way to dance.

Greens. As in the Rainforest Action Network and the Warped Eco Initiative stand which allow you to participate! You could even win prizes.


This one is big: the Lucha Libre USA (a Mexican wrestling League). For real. They will be presenting their ever popular sport at Warped Tour.

How many zombies, I mean kids, have become deaf, dumb and blinded by Guitar-Hero II. Videogame stations … at a concert?

Healthy Lungs. The Truth crew will be alive and well, DJing and freestyling all throughout the festival.

Skull accessories. If you’re planning on tallying, bring a notebook.

The one or two rather large groups of old, balding biker men. Bonus: count their tattoos.

The “Save Darfur” stand.


First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
19100 S. Ridgeland

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